Renewals start counting after the initial order. So that first shipment would be 0, and 1 would be targeting the second shipment.
With campaigns, ARPU will attempt to match subscribers against campaign criteria from the top of the campaign list to the bottom. If a subscriber doesn’t match any of the custom campaigns, they’ll receive the default one (that default one is always at the bottom of the campaign list).
Let’s pretend Bob has just signed up for a subscription. That first charge for the first subscription doesn’t trigger an ARPU email.
Let’s say you’ve got 3 campaigns:
  • Campaign A - renewal criteria of 1
  • Campaign B - renewal criteria of 2
  • Default campaign
Bob is about to receive his second shipment (first renewal), so ARPU sends an email. ARPU would see Campaign A’s renewal criteria of 1 and match Bob to that campaign.
When it’s time for Bob to receive his third shipment (second renewal), ARPU would see Campaign B’s renewal criteria of 2 and match Bob to that campaign.
On Bob’s fourth shipment, ARPU would see that neither Campaign A or B match Bob’s number of renewals, so it would match him to the Default Campaign.