ARPU can connect to your Klaviyo account and pass along metrics to use in your Klaviyo flows.

Connect Klaviyo

To request access to this feature, email 

Once enabled, go to your Klaviyo settings and copy your public key. Then, log into ARPU and go to the Settings page. At the bottom of the settings page, find the field for your Klaviyo public key and click connect.

ARPU Metrics

Once you've connected your Klaviyo account, ARPU will pass along the following metrics (and associated details):

Delayed charge

  • days_delayed
  • days_delayed_since_original (how many total days the subscriber has delayed shipments since the original charge date)
  • delayed_date (date the subscription was moved to)
  • line_items (summary of the order)
  • original_date (date of initial order)
  • previous_date (date of order before delay)
  • total_times_delayed (how many times the subscriber has delayed shipments)

Added items to upcoming order

  • Added items to upcoming order value
  • charge_scheduled_at (date of next charge)
  • current_line_items (summary of what is in the order now)
  • current_subtotal
  • previous_subtotal (subtotal of original order)
  • purchased (what product was added to the upcoming order)
  • purchased_subtotal (subtotal of added items)

Added one time purchase

  • Added one time purchase value
  • current_line_items (summary of what is in the order now, original order + 1-time purchase)
  • previous_line_items (summary of what was in the order before the 1-time purchase) 
  • price (price of 1-time product)
  • purchased_product (product name)
  • quantity
  • total_times_purchased (how many times the subscriber has purchased this product)

Sent upcoming order email

  • campaign_name (ARPU campaign)
  • charge_scheduled_at (date of next charge)
  • email_template_name (ARPU template)
  • sent_at (date and time of send)
  • subscription_service_charge_id


Let us know if there are any additional metrics you want!