Connecting ARPU to your Gorgias account will allow you to send subscribers direct links to delay, ship now, buy a 1-time purchase or gift, or swap an item.

Our Gorgias integration creates a widget and several macros you can use when responding to customer requests.

Here's a demo of how the integration works:


To connect, go to your ARPU settings and scroll to the bottom of the page. In the integrations section, you'll see a field to input your Gorgias subdomain.

Once you do that and click Connect, you'll be asked to authorize the connection.

After ARPU is connected, go to your Gorgias account settings. Check the new macros that were just created and adjust the default language in the macros to match your brand's voice and tone.

Then, find an open ticket and check out the widget. You'll see some information about the subscriber, and several links below that. These links are generated for that particular subscriber and can be copied into your responses.


  1. In order for the swaps to work, you'll need to make sure those are enabled in ARPU. Also, swaps are only available for products with variants. The product must also be configured as One-Time and Subscription in your Recharge account. If a product doesn't have a variant, the swap links will be blank.
  2. Gorgias tickets that are open when you install the ARPU integration will not have the correct ARPU links until the ticket is updated in some way. This is a limitation of the API, but we'll fix it as soon as we're able. All future tickets will have the correct links.
  3. The ARPU links expire 3 days after they're generated. You can manually update the links in a ticket by adding a note (this is related to the API limitation described above).


The ARPU Widget

The ARPU widget generates 7 types of links. All the links are subscriber-specific.

  1. Delay - this link sends the subscriber to ARPU's delay flow, which shows the subscriber options you configure in your ARPU account
  2. Ship Now - when the subscriber clicks this link, the charge scheduled_at will be set to 'today' and Recharge will process it.
  3. 1-time purchase - this link sends the subscriber to the ARPU checkout screen that shows all the available options for 1-time purchases 
  4. 1-time gift - this link goes to the ARPU gift checkout, which features any products you've added to the Gifts section of your ARPU account. These gifts work like 1-time purchases, just sent to a different mailing address.
  5. Add to existing - this link also sends the subscriber to the ARPU checkout, where they can see all the available products that can be purchased as additional subscriptions
  6. Recharge portal - this is a direct link to the subscriber's Recharge portal; they will automatically be logged in when they click this link
  7. Swap Options - this section contains links to variants available based on the subscribers current order. When a subscriber clicks one of these product links, they'll be taken to the ARPU swaps flow to confirm the swap.

If any of the link types above are new to you, you should email support to get them enabled for your account (and chat with us about creative ways to use them!).


Example Use

Now that you have ARPU macros in your Gorgias account, you could configure automations to solve customer issues more efficiently.

Let's say you want to set up an automation that will send an ARPU delay link to customers that write in to say they won't be at home to receive their next scheduled shipment.

You would go to your Gorgias settings, and under automation choose Rules.

Add a new rule. Specify that tickets that are created containing certain words (look through old tickets to get a list of common words and phrases your subscribers use) should have the ARPU Delay options macro applied. Here's a screenshot of how that might look.