Connecting Smartrr

ARPU takes over the upcoming charge notification that Smartrr sends out to your subscribers.

Before you customize ARPU's email template and configure campaigns, you'll need to connect your Smartrr account so products and customer data can be synced.

To connect, you'll need to generate an API key for ARPU to use in your Smartrr account.

Go to Integrations, then choose the API Keys tab and click the Create Key button. Change the following permissions from the defaults for your new key:

  • Subscription - change Read to Read & Write
  • Customer - change Read to Read & Write
  • Customer Portal Theme - change None to Read & Write
  • Webhook - change Read to Read & Write

After the key is created, go back to ARPU and click the Smartrr button on the Dashboard. You'll then see a screen where you can paste your API key and connect.

Note: If you've previously connected a subscription platform, there will be a link on the ARPU Dashboard that allows you to connect Smartrr shown below the subscription platform that is currently connected. If you're migrating active subscriptions to a different platform, be sure to reach out to so we can ensure a smooth transition.


Once you've connected Smartrr, you can start customizing your ARPU email template and setting up campaigns.

On the ARPU Dashboard, you'll see a checklist with links to all the areas in ARPU that can be customized to match your brand and appropriately target your subscribers.

In particular, configuring 1-time products to be used in your email templates and then creating custom campaigns for different subscriber segments are important areas to focus on. If you have any questions about upsells or campaigns, get in touch with us!

Note: only products configured in Smartrr's Portal Add-ons section will be available to be added to ARPU templates and campaigns. The discount configured in Smartrr for Portal Add-ons will be applied to all 1-time purchases made via ARPU notifications.

Enabling ARPU

After you're done testing the templates and campaigns, you'll need to go disable your upcoming charge email in Smartrr before you enable sending in ARPU. Go to Customer Notifications > Upcoming subscription and toggle off this notification.

After the Smartrr notification is disabled, go back to ARPU and click the store name in the top of the left sidebar to enable sending.

ARPU's upcoming charge notification emails will begin sending based on your Upcoming Email Settings, which determines how many days in advance the upcoming email should be sent for each charge (the default is 3 days).

Once emails begin to queue up, you can click "Upcoming" in the left sidebar to see when emails will be sent.